About pishposh

Urban clean up— by the people, for the world.

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Our urban philosophy

Taking care of your community is not the government's job.

PishPosh is a reminder that your choices have an impact. Our vision is to mobilize entire communities and corporations to improve and preserve our world by taking care of wherever you call home.

1. We believe in the power of the individual to have communal impact.
2. We believe that community service can become a daily habit.
3. We believe that beautification can be organized by anyone, anywhere.
4. We believe in making community service obligations easier to fill.
5. We believe state and NPO grants can 10x their impact through PishPosh.
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The PishPosh Business Model

Preserving our world is the ultimate return on investment.

There is no shortage of environmental grant money to go around. The problem centers around deploying it effectively. That’s where we come in. Our pledge is that 75% of sponsorship funds are deployed directly to opportunity zones (direct impact). The remainder is utilized to ensure that volunteers show up, needs get met, and sponsoring organizations receive the recognition they deserve (indirect impact).

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Individuals identify a need in their local community

Whether it’s urban clean up, disaster relief, or a beautification project, every city has needs that go unmet or aren’t met quickly enough.

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Partners sponsor specific service opportunities

States, nonprofits, and businesses purchase sponsorships to partner with PishPosh, allowing us to efficiently deploy resources to unmet needs.

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Volunteers serve and get rewarded through PishPosh

We market, source, and reward volunteers, allowing the kind-hearted people of your community to quickly and enjoyably meet the need.

Change the world one community at a time.

Partnering with states, nonprofits, and businesses is how PishPosh is able to rally its troops. Ready to join forces?

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