Let's pick things up a little bit.

PishPosh is the first app to crowdsource urban clean up and reward those who participate. You can get fined for littering, but you can’t get rewarded for picking up? Nonsense.

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h near dog walkers and a bike rider
How PishPosh Works

We’re making doing good even easier.

Most people want to make a difference in their communities but don’t know where to start. That’s why we created PishPosh, an app where service opportunities are a tap away.

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Find opportunities.

See what people or places in your city could use your help.
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Lend a hand.

Start your work session, because doing good hits close to home.
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Track your impact.

PishPosh records your activity, clean up efforts, and more.
Screenshot of a service opportunity at Waterfront Park on PishPosh maps
discover where to serve

Locate your next area of impact through PishPosh maps.

Finding places in your community where you can make a difference is now as simple as opening a map. The PishPosh app serves you your city’s immediate needs so you can serve your city.

Make a daily difference

Turn walks for fun into walks for purpose.

Community service should be a habit, not just a day. By incorporating PishPosh opportunities in your weekly routes, making your impact becomes as effortless as it is real.

Screenshots of a trash clean up work session on the PishPosh app
Two screenshots of the PishPosh exchange where users can redeem their points or hours
redeem pishposh for perks

Exchange PishPosh for service hours, merch, giveaways, and more.

We believe that you shouldn’t give to get, but you should get when you give. That’s why we created the PishPosh Exchange, where you can turn trash into cash thanks to corporate partners.

Pishposh Cities

We’re making sure these cities don’t go to waste.

Here are the locations where you can get involved. Join us in creating greener and cleaner communities, one city at a time.

Birmingham, Alabama skyline

Just launched!

Birmingham, AL

The Magic City

San Diego bay and skyline

Just Launched!

San Diego, CA

America's Finest City

Old Main building on the campus of the University of Arkansas

Just launched!

Bentonville, AR

Birthplace of Walmart

Coming soon banner

Just launched!

Santa Cruz, CA

Surf City

We’re all a little trashy.

And that’s okay— as long as we do our part in preserving our world. Join us on PishPosh, and let’s pick things up a little bit.

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